Adolf Hitler (April 20, 1889-April 30, 1945), an Austrian-born German politician and leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (commonly known as the Nazi Party), was Chancellor of Germany from 1933 until his death. After the 1934 death of German President Paul von Hindenberg, he declared himself Führer und Reichskanzler, and ruled the country as an absolute dictator of Germany.

Hitler's goal was to establish a "New Order" of absolute Nazi German hegemony in Europe, achieving this through seizing Lebensraum, or "living space," for Aryan people, rearming Germany and invading numerous countries in Europe; the invasion of Poland led to the outbreak of World War II. Before and during the war, Hitler's Nazi forces engaged in countless acts of violence, including the murder of more than 17 million people, 6 million of whom were Jewish. His death came as Allied forces had invaded Germany and Soviet forces closed in on Berlin.

Steve and his friends lay a video game that they rewrote called Nazi Natal Nightmare in "I Ain’t No Holodeck Boy" in which the purpose is to strike the soft spot on a fetus of Adolf Hitler and induce his mother, Klara Hitler, to miscarriage. Stan gets irritated that they would rather stay indoors and tricks them into a simulation of the woods in the CIA hologramdeck. The boys escape and try to turn the tables using Stan's own memories, but when it fails, they try to rewrite the code from their game to turn Stan's memory of his encounter with his first dead body with deadly results. Steve decides that he needs to enter the simulation himself to save his dad. As Stan tries to evade the oversized zombie, Steve tries to take out the zombie, but fails and finds himself trapped with Stan. Sending in the baby Hitler from their video game to give the zombie a weak spot, Stan's skill at rock throwing allows them to beat the zombie.

In an attempt to make small talk with Devin in "LGBSteve", Steve blurts out that spätzle was Hitler's favorite dish.

In an effort to escape Hell in "The Life and Times of Stan Smith", Hitler attempts and fails to complete an obstacle course, one of four hundred fifty three of such attempts.

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