Al Tuttle, originally named Bob Tuttle, is a neighbor of the Smiths that Steve used to do odd jobs for whose wife had passed away.

Bob is introduced in "Homeland Insecurity", where he mentions his wife had passed away of "the big C" - when a giant letter 'C' from a sign had fallen on her. Francine and Tuttle both refer to Bob's wife as Betty. Bob is one of the guests at Stan's 'pool party' that becomes a terrorist prison camp.

He is one of the parties that Stan finds he isn't liked by in "I Can't Stan You".

He is part of the tour of the Parade of Homes in "Meter Made" and attends Hayley's wedding in "Haylias".

He attends the Homeowners Association meeting in "Roy Rogers McFreely".

Al Tuttle

In "Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth", not only has his name been changed to Al Tuttle, but Steve picks up a picture of Al next to his wife's tombstone which instead reads Lisa Tuttle. When Steve and his friends decide to see if a neighbor has any new odd jobs for them to do, They find he has become a morbidly obese shut in. After working out around the house, he gets Snot to try to get them money from his wallet and Snot becomes trapped under him. To free Snot, they harness up Stan's body with a horse's brain and manage to lift Snot free. They find they here tricked into staying because he was lonely. Steve manages to use Horse/Stan to pull Al out to where he can interact with other people again.

He is seen again in "A Jones for a Smith", sitting in his garage so he can interact with the neighbors.

Linda Memari appears as slave Princess Leia to Tuttle's Jabba the Hutt during "He's Got a Kink" in "The Missing Kink".

A significantly thinner Al voices support for the new arena in "Roots" and is one of the savage survivors in "The Two Hundred". He is also listed as a possible owner of the mineral rights under the Smith property in "Mine Struggle".

He buys a Corvette in "Bahama Mama" when he turns the same age as his dad when he died. Stan mentions that Tuttle had a crush on Klaus in "Kloger".

Al is foreman of the census enumerators in "The Census of the Lambs", one of the egg protectors in "Shell Game", attends the town meeting in "The Mural of the Story", Francine's dinner party in "Death by Dinner Party" and appears in Klaus' rap video in "The Never-Ending Stories".

Tuttle is voiced by Richard Kind.