American Dad Volume 1 contains the first thirteen episodes of American Dad!, along with the pilot episode, commentary and more.

Episodes in this Volume

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Special Features

  • All in the Family - Creating American Dad
  • How's Your Aspen?: American Dad Performance at HBO's 2005 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival
  • Secrets of the Glass Booth
  • American Animatics!
  • Episode 2, "Threat Levels" Table Read/Animatic Comparison
  • The New CIA
  • Super Bowl Pre-Game Promo
  • Family Guy "Bored"

Deleted Scenes

  • Pee in All Your Pants
  • Penis Head
  • Airport Screening
  • I Can't Help Myself
  • Manscaping
  • What About Paul Andrews?
  • The Ferris Wheel
  • Unexpected First Menstruation
  • Partying Grandma
  • You Look Like a Fish
  • I'll Tell You What I've Seen
  • What's the Thread Count on These?
  • Klaus Washes Panties
  • I'm AAA, Does That Get Me Anything?
  • Out of This World
  • Class Clown
  • We'd Call Him the Messiah
  • Avon Clitoris Walk
  • Tuttle's Ostrich Burgers
  • Tuttle's Hot Sauce
  • Morris Code
  • You're Not a Hummingbird
  • Steve Goes to CPR Class
  • Mexican Doctor Soap Opera
  • Pregnant Aerobics
  • I'm Taking the Stairs
  • The World Has Descended Into Utter Chaos
  • Take a Tip From Pee Wee Reese
  • Stan Swallows the Ointment
  • Stan Talks to Timmy in the Closet
  • The Ass of Evil
  • Bill Nye Kills Carl Sagan
  • The Costume Contest
  • That's My Bone
  • A Perk of My Position
  • As They Say in My Country...
  • The Nose Knows
  • All My Cool New Saudi Friends
  • I Miss Francine
  • Eat Flag Freedom Hater
  • Stan and Francine Try to Kiss
  • Free to Throw