Amy Reed

Amy Reed is a student at Pearl Bailey High School.

While working for the school newspaper in "The Life Aquatic With Steve Smith", she interviews Steve Smith, who with the aid of Klaus, has become the star of the team. When her story comes out, Steve takes all of the credit for his abilities, irritating Klaus who is also dropped from attending a water park with Steve in favor of Amy.

In revenge, Klaus refuses to help Steve in his final match, and he nearly drowns. In his near-death state, Steve has a vision of a human-sized Klaus taking Amy on a date and giving her a deep-French kiss in his presence. Klaus rescues Steve, who tries to expose Klaus to give him the proper credit, but his actions are misconstrued by those present and Amy decides to dump Steve in favor of another student who's dad owns a factory that makes the letterman jackets.

Amy is voiced by Ashley Tisdale.

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