Roger: There's only one thing I do with non-blended drinks and that's drive.

Buckle: They had this machine that stole our dreams.
Hayley: Really?
Buckle: Figuratively. It's name was Michael Eisner.

Francine: I'm also part of the conversation.

Roger: My blender broke.
Stan: I'll just put in this sharpening stone, it worked with the garbage disposal which inexplicably broke that same night. [He inserts the stone an destroys the blender]
Roger: The "Boob" strikes again.

Stan: Morning, everyone. [Stan is greeted with silence] Come on, you guys aren't still upset about last night, are you? We met Morgan Freeman, didn't we? You got to shake his hand, Steve.
Steve: I was prying it off my throat.
Stan: Boy was he riled up! You know, he was the narrator in March of the Penguins. Powerful, powerful piece of cinema. Never saw it.

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