• This was the first episode released after storyboard artist Eric Fredrickson's death. [1]
  • The cast list for the Lifeguards show, all but one of whom are played by Roger, are as follows:
    • Rafferty Westmore as Denver Dallas
    • Patrice Mixhole as Lucy Washington Bocce
    • Patrick Brian David Michael Green-Howard as Kit Kittering
    • Kay Pardo-Simcard as Lt. Faruza Furtsies
    • and featuring Francine Smith as Grandma MacAdoo
  • Two characters named Tyler appear. Tyler is an occasional background character who is seen around the resort, while Tyler plays "Ranger Ron" in the resort's water show.
  • Even though they are never formally introduced at the bar, Stan recognizes and calls out to Donnie when he tries to stop him from killing Jeff.

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