Billy is the creation of Dr. Kalgary, a surgeon that Steve visits on the advice of Klaus to become taller in "Roots".

Although he elected to have the surgery after thinking it over, Steve starts to have second thoughts after meeting Billy, but is knocked out before he can get away. Due to Stan's smashing of the building with a wrecking crane, he faces being dropped from the remains of the building until he is saved by Stan. As the police approach, Dr. Kalgary instructs Billy to fly away. But as two large metal wings sprout from his back, he drops backwards from the weight onto the floor.

Billy is listed as a possible owner of the mineral rights under the Smith property in "Mine Struggle".

Billy aids Dr. Kalgary when he becomes Roger's physician in "Roger's Baby" as he attends to the rebirth of Jeff and is the ring bearer at his wedding in "Family Plan".

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