Blüm is a restaurant where Roger tries to extract revenge on a waitress after he considers himself slighted in "The Unincludeds".

While dining out with Hayley, the waitress compliments her on her choice and not Roger's. He has Hayley return while disguised and order the same items Roger originally did, only to be complimented again while Roger's order is simply acknowledged. Roger follow the waitress on her own date to Blüm where he gains employment as a waiter, but has to put a sleeper hold on the manager when he finds out he would not be starting that very evening. Intending to give the waitress the same treatment she gave him, she trips him up by ordering the exact same dish as her date.

Moments later, Roger runs for the car with Hayley waiting, as he had scalped the waitress, leaving her bloody and gloating over getting his revenge.

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