Charlie, also known as Carlos, is a miniature figure of a diver that is Klaus' companion and confidant.

Klaus searches for his diver figure in "It's Good to Be the Queen", but gets distracted by Jeff and Hayley's pot-laced brownies. Stoned, Jeff sees an old-fashioned diver that opens it's fact mask to reveal his own face.

In "Oedipal Panties". Klaus informs everyone he has been in contact with that he has the Ick, a fish disease.

In "I Am the Walrus", after Stan knits Klaus a nursing sweater, Klaus pretends to breastfeed Charlie.

He is seen yet again in "Virtual In-Stanity". While Klaus is working out, he asks Carlos to spot him.

In "Dr. Klaustus", Klaus weeps because the family won't listen to him while telling Charlie his problems. Klaus gets an idea on how to solve his problems but weeps more in private when he owes Charlie money and has none to give him.

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