Chief Danny is the head counselor at Camp Campawanda in the episode of the same name.

While Steve looks forward to being a senior camper, he finds that his friend Snot has accepted a position of counselor-in-training, giving him free tuition in addition to the responsibilities. As Steve is resigned to hazing the younger campers himself, he finds out that those have been discontinued by Chief Danny following a lawsuit that he is surprised that Steve didn't bring about himself.

As Steve tries to perform a panty raid prank himself, he runs afoul of Snots sense of duty and the latter is forced to uncork his whistle and signal the senior counselors. Danny is forced to kick Steve out of the camp, but allows him to sing the camp song one final time before going.

Steve stops at Meaux's, a bar in Despairtown that the camp sits just outside of. The counselors and the locals have nothing but contempt for each other. Steve plots with the people in the bar to get even and they secure the counselors, but Steve's plan for a simple panty raid is turned into the ransacking of the camp, forcing himself and Snot to flee as Chief Danny is bounced in a blanket and holds his chest as if he is having a heart attack.

Chief Danny is voiced by Jeff Ross.

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