• This episode's title is an internal reference to the Chimdale Resort and Spa. Other locales featuring Chimdale include the Chimdale Mountains, Chimdale County, the Chimdale Mountain Inn, Chimdale Prison as well as Mr. Chimdale himself.
  • In this episode, Stan has been bald for years. However, in "Frannie 911", there is a flashback to a scene with Roger dressed as an American Indian where Stan claims that Roger took his hair, and there is stubble on his head, indicating that Roger removed real hair and not a wig.
  • Roger says he learned the move that he used to get rid of Francine's stress from a chiropractor behind a 7/Eleven, then realizes he raped a guy.
  • In the scene where Stan throws the disabled woman out of her convertible, Jeff's van passes by with Jeff clearly driving inside.
  • When Francine was pregnant with Steve, Stan threw footballs at her stomach so that Steve would be good at sports.
  • Stan confuses Helen Keller with Anne Frank.