Chimdale resort

The Chimdale Resort and Spa is where Roger wins passes to in the episode "Chimdale". After arriving, he reveals that he only won two passes, even though he promised Francine and Hayley to come. They end up hiding Hayley in a suitcase, as entry fee is $1,800. However, they draw the suspicion of Ron Turlington. Eventually, the women get tired of sneaking around and decide to leave. Unfortunately, Turlington is watching the front door, so they have to stay cooped up in their room. Francine soon gets stressed, so Roger cricks her neck, only to cause her to fall down. As they get her in a mud bath, Turlington walks in, so they hid Hayley beneath the mud. But she couldn't last long in the mud, so she breaks their cover. Turlington promises not to tell on them, if they help catch a pistachio thief but then realizes that he had rounded up the keys to the vault except himself and Mr. Chimdale. The latter then comes in, proud that he had figured out a complicated mystery he had set for him.

The Chimdale Resort is mentioned as a setting when Steve pitches his porno movie idea in "Stan Time".

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