Yippy yippiy yay

While on a cattle drive through an urban wasteland to the Langley Slaughterhouse in The Magnificent Steven, Stan has lost his mind while eating tainted beef and sings Come a ti-yi yippy, yippy yay as they drive the cattle.


Yippy yippy yay


Stan: Well, my son is a sissy with a Japanese friend

But they're gonna be men when the cattle drive ends

Just one last canyon we must cross

And we'll serve these cows with a barbecue sauce

Nothing like a cattle drive as every father knows

Prairie dog and jackrabbit stop and say hello

Jackrabbit: Hey Stan!

Prairie Dog: Hello Friend!

Stan: Join me on the yodel, fellas!

All: Come a ti-yi yippy, yippy yay

yippy yay

Come a ti-yi yippy, yippy yay

Prairie Dog: Great job Stan!

Stan: Terrific!

Reality returns and Stan is dancing in his underwear:

Stan: Come a ti-yi yippy, yippy yay...

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