The Courthouse is the site of Jack Smith's trial in "Jack's Back".

When Steve finds Jack in jail awaiting trial for jewelry theft, Steve convinces Stan to free him. After Stan discovers that Jack is using Steve to appeal to him, so that he would provide a character reference for Jack during the trial, Stan gets mad and provokes Jack until Steve himself interferes, threatening to leave the house forever. Later the same night, Steve shares his thoughts with his grandpa, wishing to run away. Jack seconds the thought and they steal Francine's car. During this time, Steve starts to find a father figure in his grandfather, which makes Jack feel guilty as he knows that he is not the person Steve thinks he is. Jack decides to appear at his trial instead of running away. At the same time, he suggests Steve should get back home and spend the time with Stan because he still might need his own father as a father figure. When Stan finds out about this, he rushes to the courthouse in order to speak on Jack's behalf, but his car breaks down, leaving Stan with no other choice but to ride his bike to the courthouse, suppressing his fear.

Stan arrives too late and Jack is sentenced to five more years of prison. Steve consoles Stan by saying that he is a good son after all, and Stan passes a kick in the groin received from Jack as a father's gesture against weakness over to Steve.

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