Janet is Francine's cousin through her birth parents.

When Francine decides she wants to be part of a larger family in "Family Plan", she acquires the phone number from the Langley Adoption Agency and is invited by her wealthy father, Nicholas Dawson, to a family reunion. There, she comes under suspicion by Janet of being a gold digger trying to cash in. But when her own family leaves her behind for ignoring them, Nicholas blows his top at everyone using their own phone data plans instead of the home network and institutes a fight to the death among his heirs with the sole survivor getting the family fortune.

Francine avoids death, but is caught and pulled aside by Janet who recognizes that Nicholas has flipped. They camouflage themselves with makeup from Janet's Avon saleswoman kit and Francine agrees to become an agent under her. Francine and Janet's bloody bodies are thrown onto a pile of remains by the sole survivor, but just as he announces his victory, Stan's SUV leaps the hedge and smashes him flat, having been tipped off that Francine was in danger. As Nicholas laments over losing everyone in the family and Stan cries over Francine, she reveals that she and Janet used makeup to pass for dead, although dumps her agreement to sell Avon now that she knows she'll survive.

Janet is voiced by Jillian Bell.