• This is the second time Klaus has used someone else's body within the current time frame. The first time was in "Finances With Wolves". In fact, the scene of Klaus' body with a fish's mind at the Winter Olympics was reanimated for the episode.
  • Animatic scenes posted by Jamie Iglehart cut from the episode showed one of the girls in the lab being turned into an infant, a different angle on Klaus hitting Stan with the blender and Klaus getting beat up as part of his abuse of Stan's body.[1]
  • This is Matt Weitzman's first solo writing effort.
  • The CIA lab characters of Weitzman and Barker are caricatures of Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman, co-creators/executive producers of American Dad! and voiced by themselves.
  • "Be Good to Yourself" by Journey plays during the montage of Klaus abusing Stan's body.
  • Stan dislikes the Canadian rock band Nickelback. The album which he holds up looks like their most recent studio album, Here and Now.
  • Stan saw The Help, but all he seemed to take from it was that he wanted a black maid.
  • Stan was reportedly born in 1967 in "May the Best Stan Win". In this episode, he claims he was "made" in 1968.
  • The scene in the beginning of the episode showing the fate of Klaus' original human body after his mind was swapped with that of a goldfish is slightly different from "Pilot". Notably, the sign changes from a pale color to red and the flags change from orange single-pointed pennants to yellow double-pointed pennants.
  • At the end of the episode, Stan makes a long speech about having a new understanding for Klaus and vows to find him a new human body. But when pressed by Klaus for a time, he tells him probably never. However, "Of Ice and Men" indicates that he does indeed gain a new human body and occupies it for a very long time.
  • At Roger's Chinese restaurant, a Maneki-neko statue is seen. The Maneki-neko statue is Japanese.
  • One of the prostitutes originally from "Roger Codger" return.

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