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Daddy's Gone is a song sung by Steve Smith and Roger in "Hot Water".


Roger (spoken): When are we going home big bro?

Steve (sung): Been 3 hours since I saw you walk away from me, I didn't know the way and I didn't have the words to speak But all I knew was Daddy's gone, and we're not going home, ever again. We're never gonna find another father like you

Roger (sung): No, we won't no we won't no we won't

Steve: Oh Daddy, we're crying

Roger: This is because of you!

Steve:I see you in my dreams at night

Roger: Whatever did I do? Something just ain't right

Steve: Every day I want it more with all my might

Roger: It wasn't 'cause of me I think its cause of you

Steve: I'm trying to call out to, DADDY!!!!

Steve and Roger: Daddy's gone, and we're..not going home ever again.

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