Daniel is a former partner-in-crime of Roger's persona of Ricky Spanish who was framed by him during a robbery of cashmere sweaters at Daniel's former employer Plantain Republic.

When Roger rediscovers Ricky in "Ricky Spanish", he had forgotten how hated Ricky was and soon has the entire town chasing him. Steve offers to help him make amends to everyone he wronged. After getting Daniel out of jail, Steve stops Daniel from killing Roger/Ricky on the spot insisting he has changed. But at a Burger Joint, Roger secretly reveals to Daniel that he has another heist plan and Steve will take the fall for this one. They arrive at the docks where Steve learns of the plan and is knocked out by Daniel who hits him with a gun. Steve comes to after a short time and tries to stop them but the guards are alerted and give chase. When Steve starts to fall from a stack of shipping containers, he is caught by Roger who steals his wallet before letting him drop and be beaten by the guards below and Ricky and Daniel take off, happy to be free while Steve is sent to prison.

Daniel is voiced by John DiMaggio.