Dispairtown, formerly Hopeville, is the town where Camp Campawanda is located in the episode of the same name.

On the way to the camp, Francine is forced to stop at the town's only traffic light. As Steve proclaims the joys of the camp to the locals, they angrily start to close in and as the light changes, one manages to throw a hammer through the rear windshield of the car. At the camp, the counselors make fun of the locals.

When Steve is kicked out of the camp for an attempted panty raid prank, he takes refuge in Meaux's, a bar in Dispairtown. Requesting a Sprite, he finds the locals hate both the camp and Sprite and is given Mountain Dew instead, finding out that some of their beef is for the parent's rejection of touring the town factory. He joins in with them in his own hatred of the camp and plots with them to get even in a panty raid. Once inside of the camp, his prank is rejected in favor of destroying the camp and his efforts to intervene gets them to turn on him and Snot. After the boys take refuge in the lake, the locals return to their destruction of the camp and are only interrupted by the factory whistle indicating shift change.

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