Dojo Biden

Dojo Biden is the karate dojo owned by Sensei Tom in "Scents and Sensei-bility". The dojo is named after Vice-President Joe Biden whom Tom admires. Due to Tom's constant near-poverty, he lives in the dojo and has misplaces a number of items such as nunchuks.

Steve and Snot are sent to the dojo to learn karate by Martin after they witness him beat up one of the school bullies. Sensei Tom teaches the students in his class to use anger to focus their strength. When Snot's excessive anger makes him one of the top students, Steve tries to get sensei Tom to drop him from the class. Tom only agrees to let him go if Steve can beat him in a karate tournament. Steve resorts to using Roger, under the persona of "Sensei Ryan" to train him where it is revealed that Tom was a former roommate who left Roger with movie charges on the cable bill. Steve looses the tournament, but when Snot faces expulsion the following day in school, Steve's intervention convinces him to give up the karate class.

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