Donnie plays "Animal Strangling Johnson," the villain in the water show at the Atlantis Resort in "Bahama Mama".

Depressed over his efforts to keep Jeff and Hayley from having a baby and making him a grandparent, Stan drinks with the show's villain at the resorts pool bar. Donny hatches a plot to kill Jeff for Stan in exchange for Stan killing Tyler, the "hero" of the water show. Stan rejects the idea, although Donny believes the plot is still on and proceeds to attempt to kill Jeff. In his efforts to stop Donny, a series of mishaps leave Stan hard of hearing and appearing elderly. He manages to annoy a group of children playing in the pool who turn on him. Stan sees that Jeff is about to be killed and sends the children after the "villain," where he is dragged off into the bushes.

Donny is voiced by Tom Kenny.

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