Doyle is the bartender at The Cloak & Stagger, a bar in Langley Falls.

Stan and Francine drink at in "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man". Stan gets free drinks as a church deacon while Francine gets free drinks by passing herself off as Laurence Fishburne. In this appearance, Doyle was voiced by James Patrick Stuart.

In "Rough Trade", Bob and Linda Memari overhear Stan talking to Roger while drunk and assume he is mistreating Francine. Voiced by Robert Tinkler.

He is present during mud wresting at the nudie bar in "Roger 'n' Me".

Doyle appears in a cameo in "Tearjerker". Here he is voiced by David Hemingson.

Doyle cameos in the telethon audience in "Phantom of the Telethon".

In "An Incident at Owl Creek" Doyle's doppelganger appears in Peru tending an airport bar.

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