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  • The online game Dragon Scuffle is very similar to Dungeons and Dragons.
  • When not online, Steve and his friends stay in character at least part of the time and engage in LARP (Live Action Role-Play).
  • During game play, Steve plays a human warrior named Agathor, Hayley plays a female human warrior named Morwin Nerdbane, Jeff plays a faun named Zamfir Snot plays a dwarf warrior named Kuvilek, Barry plays a plump, elderly human wizard named Fladnag, and Toshi plays an elf archer.
  • Fladnag, the name of Barry's Dragon Scuffle character and a wizard, is "Gandalf backwards.
  • The song that plays when Roger and Stan are in the attic is Toto's "I Won't Hold You Back".
  • This episode marks the first breakup of Jeff and Hayley.
  • Like her daughter, Francine has a pierced navel.

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