Enzo Pierotti is the owner of the Italian Accordion Shop where Jack Smith used to pick up 'garbage.'

When Jack's storage locker is ordered to be claimed or it will be sent to auction, Stan refuses to have anything to do with it. But Steve, curious to find out more about his grandpa, goes to the storage center with Klaus and discovers a garbage truck in the bin. Stan is angry at first over their refusing to listen to him but changes his mind after a happy flashback of hauling garbage with his dad. They take the truck out on a run on the old route for memories sake, but when Stan forces Steve to get out of the truck to handle the garbage itself, he finds that Jack used to exchange cash and cocaine between Mr. Pierotti and Chang's Chop Suey. After Jack stopped making the run, Enzo's son Tony, previously aspiring Olympic athlete, used to handle things. Enzo expects Steve to make the same runs, and when a conversation with Klaus turns to a new garbage truck, he decides to continue in order to purchase a dream truck.

Stan discovers the scheme when Steve drops a fortune cookie from a stop filled with a bag of cocaine and realizes that his opinion about his father was right in the first place. He returns the garbage truck to the storage lot and locks it away. But when Steve disappears from home, he returns and finds that he didn't get the old truck back out, but is doing the run in the brand-new truck he purchased. Stan watches him return to each of the business and tell them he's quitting, but Enzo orders Tony to plant evidence in the truck to frame him. Stan watches this while following and admires Tony's athleticism, but believes his name to be 'Buca' due to his singular grunt.

Enzo Pierotti is voiced by Tony Sirico.

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