Euro Disney America, which bills itself as "The most confusing place on earth" is where Steve crash lands the Spirit of St. Louis in his attempt to cross the Atlantic ocean in "Fight and Flight".

Frustrated with Stan's taking over his history project on Charles Lindbergh and turning it into an action film starring Vin Diesel, as well as his dismissal that Steve can't succeed in the project on his own, he takes the "Spirit" as it is parked outside of the film premier and attempts his own solo crossing.

As he struggles to fly the plane, Stan catches up in a CIA flight and leaps aboard. They struggle for control as Steve vents his frustration in Stan never allowing him to do things his way. As they reconcile, they lament in not being able to reach Paris just as the Eiffel Tower appears, giving hope that they really did make it. Determined to let Steve finish what he had started, Stan bails out just when Steve could use a hand in landing. On the ground, Stan watches the plane come in and smash into the ground, leading him to believe that Steve has died in the crash as he parachutes in as well. Pleased that he still made it to Paris, Stan actually points out that the "Eiffel Tower" seen is really part of Euro Disneyland America and they are still in the United States.

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