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Gina is a gold-digging waitress at Walkabout Steakhouse that is after the money of Roger's persona of "Max Jets" in "Max Jets".

When "Max" tells the family that he is leaving his money to them they are overjoyed until they find the following morning that Max acquired Gina as a girlfriend. They try to show that she is only after his money but they only end up causing the couple to rush into a marriage. The Smiths try to kill Max before the wedding but their own greed causes them to trip over themselves, knocking them out until it is too late to stop the wedding.

As the Smiths glumly acknowledge defeat, Gina reveals she has a prenuptial agreement to stay out of Max's money. Max drops over dead after being served the wedding cake and the Smith's later find that Max left all of his money to his estranged "son" Jerry Jets, another one of Roger's personas whom Gina was cheating with. They reveal that Gina poisoned the cake after making amends with his son and they inherited everything. Later after a vacation with Gina, Roger returns and reveals that Gina managed to kill Jerry Jets as well.

Gina is voiced by Michelle Monaghan.

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