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"Girl You Need A Shot (Of B12 (Boyz 12))" is a music video released by FOX Broadcasting on March 16th, 2012 and would later tie into "Can I Be Frank (With You)" released almost 8 months later. The boys, in order, are Barry, Georgie, Toshi, TJ, Parker, Steve, Snot, Victor, Abraham, Boris, Abraham H., and Constantine make up the boy band Boyz 12. The pre-release version of the video features slight variations from the broadcast version, notably in the personality countdown.




Barry:  Girl you're gonna feel a little prick.

All:  Girl, you need a shot of B12, you know.. you.. do..

Barry: You got B12 flowin' through your system.

Snot: Better loose that boyfriend before I fist him.

Steve: B12 will make you feel alright and alert.

Barry: Lay down in my bed and take off your shirt.

Abraham H.: Boyz 12s the biggest boy band and that's for sure.

Constantine: More boys than I think you've ever seen before.

Boris: Don't think they won't give you other things, but you'll get B12 when my men sing.

Steve: Oh girrl, you need a shot of B12..

All: Break it out!

Barry I'm B1 and I'm tons of fun.

Georgie: I-I-I-I'm B2 I wanna get with you.

Toshi: I'm B3, wanna be with me?

TJ: I'm B4 and I'll make you soar.

Parker: I'm B5 I'll make you feel alive.

Steve: I'm B6 I pick up sticks.

Snot: I'm B7 I'll take you to heaven.

Victor: I'm B8 and I am great.

Abraham: I'm B9 and I'm so fine.

Boris: I'm B10, I remember when..

Abraham H.: I'm B11, I'm in love with B7

Constantine: I'm B12 and we're..

All: Boyz 12!

Girrl, you need a shot of B12, you know.. you.. do..

Snot: Roll call.

Barry: Barry!

Georgie: Georgie!

Toshi: Toshi!


Parker: Parker!

Steve: Steve!

Snot:  Snot!

Victor: V-V-V-V-Victor

Abraham: Abraham!

Boris: Boris!

Abraham H.: Abraham H.!

Constantine: and Constantine!

All: Girrl, you need a shot of B12..

Parker: Lets hear about the boys.

Barry: Fat boy.

Georgie: Bad boy.

Toshi: Japanese!

TJ: My sister died.

Parker: I'm sweet.

Steve: I can sing.

Snot: Gorgeous!

Victor: I'm B8, I've got the penis of a man.

Abraham: My parents got divorced.

Boris: I'm hypoglycemic

Abraham H.: I'm grumpy

Constantine: I'm sleepy, and together we are..

All: Boyz 12!

Girrl, you need a shot of B12, you know.. you.. do..

Girrl, you want a shot of Boyz 12, It's o.. ver.. due..

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