Hans and Strannix are two of the thieves that Stan kills in his attempt to stop their bombing of the Shark's Nest in "The Long Bomb".

While spending time at the concession stand during a Bazooka Sharks football game to avoid awkward conversation with Hayley, Stan spies what he believes to be the team mascot, Dwight the Great White and demands a dance. His request is ignored as it is really Hans in disguise intent on setting up a bomb in a utility room. Stan confronts him and they fight after realizing the plot, killing Hans with a burst of steam that melts most of his face.

Stan soon learns of another bomb hidden in the rafters of the arena. Arena entertainer Sky Crooner is able to point it out to him, but bails out on watching his back. When Strannix arrives, Stan is able to send him crashing down onto the field by tricking him into looking down.

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