• On the alien ship, Hayley and Roger pass a wall of assorted weapons, including a Star Trek phaser, Klingon d'k tahg dagger and bat'leth, Han Solo's blaster, and light sabers from Star Wars, an M42A rifle from Aliens, sonic screwdrivers from Doctor Who, a Phantasm ball, the Sword of Omens from Thundercats, the Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel Comics and a gun from the game series Portal.
  • Klaus' surprise that Snot comes back from "Jewish camp" is a nod to the Nazi extermination camps in WWII.
  • Hayley refers to Proposition 87 making weed practically legal. But Prop 87 is in California and only concerns energy, while the Smiths live in Virginia.
  • In another section of the alien ship, Roger passes by a wall of technology which includes the wing of a TIE Fighter, a Dalek and a giant Cylon helmet. The technology is from Star Wars, Doctor Who and BattleStar Galactica, respectively.

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