• It's revealed that Roger has the ability to move fast. This is hinted at in "Spring Break-Up" where Roger renovated the living room in the time it took Stan to walk Francine to the car.
  • Roger loads the stress ball into the dishwasher and walks away whistling the American Dad! theme song.
  • This is the second Seth MacFarlane show to reference Sons of Tucson after the Family Guy episode "Excellence in Broadcasting". The stress ball Roger has is from the short-lived FOX show, Sons of Tucson, which temporarily took American Dad's place.
  • Hayley's favorite song is "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio, her favorite animal is an elephant and her favorite thing on her favorite animal is batteries.
  • The Space Bus arcade game's high scores is 999,999 set by AAA; 999,998 set by BBB and 999,998 set by CCC.
  • Steve claims and confirmed by Jeff that Hayley has herpes, calling back to "Oedipal Panties" when she wondered if Klaus could catch herpes from her.

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