Jesus Christ is the son of God according to the central tenet of the Christian religion. His resurrection from the dead is the main article of faith of that religion.

Christ on the cross is pictured in "Lincoln Lover" as Greg Corbin sings "We're Red and We're Gay".

Francine worries about explaining to Jesus that she prayed to an elephant in "Four Little Words".

Jesus appears in "The Most Adequate Christmas Ever" when Stan crashes his birthday party in order to get a second chance at life and to save his family.

Stan refers to Roger as a combination of "Mary, Queen of Scots, Brangelina and Jesus" in "Weiner of Our Discontent".

In "Rapture's Delight", Francine meets him in a diner after breaking up with Stan. As he leads the forces of good against the Anti-Christ, he recruits Stan as an unwilling soldier.

Santa Claus is shocked to discover Jesus, who holds a permanent place on the "good" list, is Jewish in "Minstrel Krampus".

Jesus is voiced by Mike Barker in "The Most Adequate Christmas Ever" and Will Forte in "Rapture's Delight".

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