Kisses is the dog that Francine gets for Steve over Stan's objections in "Stan's Best Friend". Due to trauma Stan suffered as a child when he was tricked into killing his dog Freddy, he forbid any dogs in the house, but when Francine gets Steve a dog, Stan soon becomes attached to it. When a hot air balloon full of cats lands on Kisses, crushing him, Stan takes him to Dr. Lizzy, a practitioner of alternative pet care. Dr. Lizzy ends up creating a monster, sewing Kisses' eyes where his testicles used to be and replacing half his limbs and organs with rickrack. The family is horrified as Stan wants to hang on to his dog until the spirit of Freddy tells him it's alright to let Kisses go. Stan sends Kisses off to Heaven with a bang, blowing him up with dynamite.

His vocal sounds and speaking voice was provided by Dee Bradley Baker.

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