[Roger enters after dining alone]
Francine: Ho ho, walk of shame. Big night Roger?

Francine: Homegirl don't chase. Homegirl get chased.

[Roger smacks Francine for her imitation]
Roger: Stop that, you're white.

General James: I used to oversee the Presidential Fitness Test before it was foolishly disbanded. That's why students today are all so soft! [He pokes Barry in the gut]
Barry: That's my belly button, asshole.

Steve: Snot, we're screwed. This guy's gonna put us back in diapers.
Snot: What do you mean, "back in"? Some of us never left.

Roger: Text bubbles are made out of flesh-eating bacteria. You didn't know that?

Klaus: Does this make us gay?
Roger: God, no. I'm an alien. I wish people thought I was gay.

Roger: Is this a fairy tale?
Bum: Yeah its a fairy tale called me jacking this guy's beanstalk.

Steve: I was just trying to bang this nurse if you let me work.

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