• This episode was originally titled "Tanksgiving" in production.
  • Stan's diagram shows the spelling of Mah Mah and Bah Bah Ling. Mah Mah was spelled as "Ma Ma" on a large calendar in "Can I Be Frank (With You)".
  • One of the channels Roger mentions that Stan is hooked up to is TBS. The following season, American Dad! moved to TBS from FOX.
  • Frequent background character Earl picks Steve up from his eye doctor appointment in a van with a license plate marked "CHLDLVR".
  • Ma Ma Ling is fully aware of Jeff's disappearance into space, believing him to be dead.
  • Klaus questions Stan about seeing Dallas Cowboys fans at the Washington Redskins games when the Cowboys always play in Dallas on Thanksgiving day, saying that people will ask at Comic-Con, referring to the plot holes customarily pointed out by fans at the American Dad! panel at San Diego Comic-Con.
  • Despite their respective deaths in previous episodes, both Billy and the meth head from "Adventures in Hayleysitting" can be seen waiting to enter the East Langley Soup Kitchen.
  • The shoe detective from "Less Money, Mo' Problems" tries to talk Shirley into returning to the police force.

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