Kyle is a douchebag that takes over a water slide built by Hayley, Jeff, Roger and Klaus in "My Purity Ball and Chain".

After reliving a past vacation to a water park, Hayley, Roger, Jeff and Klaus decide to build their own water slide in the backyard. After it is complete, their slide is taken over by Kyle who kills himself when he is launched several blocks away. The four dispose of the body, but find Dirk Turlington snooping around. Roger claims Kyle's shorts as his own, but when they try to take down the slide, Turlington notes that Kyle's flight path leads back to their slide. To prove their slide couldn't have caused Kyle's death, Hayley volunteers Roger to test it. Roger manages to slow his descent enough to convince Turlington the slide is safe, but at the cost of a significant portion of flesh.

Kyle is voiced by Ryan O'Flanagan.