Langley Falls

Langley Falls is the fictional community where the Smith Family reside. Langley Falls is in Virginia in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The town name is a composite of Langley, a community located in McLean and Great Falls, two unincorporated communities located in Fairfax County. Langley is also the real-life location of CIA Headquarters.

Despite this, a zip code of 23665 is given in both "Frannie 911" and "Great Space Roaster", which is listed as Hampton, VA in Southern VA.

The local newspaper is the Langley Falls Post, which features at the opening credits of almost every episode of the first three seasons. See list of newspaper headlines.

Langley Falls has a sister city, Haifa, Israel in "Live and Let Fry".

Some of the places featured in Langley Falls include:

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