The Langley Falls Gator Farm is where many gators are picked up and deposited throughout Langley Falls during a category six sub-polar tornado-cane manufactured by the CIA in "Anchorfran".

After Francine agrees to fill in as co-anchor of the channel 3 news when Terry Bates leaves Greg, one of her first stories involves seventeen alligators escaping from the farm when a tree opens the fence.

After becoming the star of the news, she demands that the studios new weatherman Memphis Stormfront be fired when he proves better at working with Greg than she does. Greg tries to tell her that she has gone to far, but her criticisms of Greg forces him to quit. When she feels guilty about what she has done, Stan arranges for a monster storm through CIA Weather Control, which results in the alligators being picked up by tornadoes and left throughout the city, eating several residents.

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