'Langley Lanes is where Stan takes Steve bowling in an attempt to bond in "Next of Pin".

After previous attempts to find an activity together fail, Stan discovers that Steve has some potential as a bowler. After doing well in an outing, they are approached by a self-identified bowling coach who offers to expand Steve's training. Stan finds himself regulated to the sands, and after a fight with other parents, is kicked out of Langley Lanes. Determined to see Steve in the championship, Stan disguises himself in a hoodie with a celebratory cake, but finds that if Steve wins the final match, he can turn pro and move on from his dad and family.

Determined to stop him, Stan sneaks in and stabs Steve's ankle, ruining his chance in addition to the injury. Angry about being stabbed and the lack of interest by the police, Steve enlists Stan to help him discover his assailant's identity. Stan goes along half-halfheartedly, and tries to distract Steve who does his own detective work and finds footprints in the bowling alley that lead him outside to the dumpster containing the hoodie, knife and receipt for the cake that Stan ditched. Stan tries to eat the cake before Steve finds it, but is caught in the act. They both share their stories of frustration in the decisions they made.

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