Langley Quantum Labs is home to a hadron collider, which thanks to Roger, unleashes worldwide devastation in "The Two Hundred".

As Stan wanders through the ruins of Langley Falls searching for his family, he tells various persons of his tattoos which preserve his memories of events that lead up to the disaster, which also are connected to the labs. After a fishing trip with Hayley that ends in an argument, a news story on the car radio mentions that the collider will meet it's opening deadline. A mud run with Steve is sponsored by the labs and Francine passes Quackenbush who is reading a newspaper story about the collider.

Later, Roger tells of visiting the labs while posing as a sixth grade student. He enters the collider just before it is fired to retrieve his sunglasses, and a combination of the speeding particles and a fart unleashes all of his personas and the devastation blast.

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