• The song on the CD that Roger plays when they first drive the Ferrari off the car lot is "Alexander's Ragtime Band" by Irving Berlin and performed by The Boswell Sisters.
  • The song where Steve and Roger are driving the Ferrari through Las Vegas is "Turn My Swag On" by Soulja Boy.
  • Hayley said that she and Jeff were watching Bones. Bones is a drama, focusing on an anthropologist nicknamed Bones, who solves crimes causes with human remains. Like American Dad!, it is found on FOX.
  • Klaus said he drove a bright yellow Ferrari TestaRossa Spyder. Ferrari only made one TestaRossa Spyder within its own factory and it was silver, not yellow. They have commissioned other manufacturers to create the model.[1]
  • The homeless guy that Stan tried to make into "The Aviator" in "Threat Levels" is seen in the bad southern neighborhood.
  • Hayley said Stan was gone less than two days; impossible because it was night three times.

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