Pizza Overlord

Pizza Overlord is a local shop where Steve and his friends hang out.

Stan participates in the Beetman game regional competition at Pizza Overlord in "Stan Time".

In "Family Affair", the Smiths celebrate a night out at Pizza Overlord. Later, they find Roger cheating on them by hanging out with The Johnsons.

It was the site of Stan and Francine's wedding vow renewals in "Shallow Vows".

Steve and his friends try to plan their last sleepover at Pizza Overlord in "A Piñata Named Desire".

Steve and the guys perform karaoke at Pizza Overlord in "Can I Be Frank (With You)" and get a contract with Snot's uncle Lew Schneider to make a music video.

Stan and Steve compete for Snot's attention in "Why Can't We Be Friends?".

Stan makes an oaf of himself in front of Francine while dining at Pizza Overlord in "The Boring Identity".

Stan passes the ruins of Pizza Overlord in "The Two Hundred".

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