Psychiatric Hospital is where Stan has Francine committed when he tries to buy himself some more time to work on an anniversary gift for her in "American Fung".

But when he returns to pick her up after she is originally released, her outburst with him when she realizes that he had her committed in the first place causes her to be readmitted, and having violet fits when anyone mentions Stan to her. Dr. Miller tries to relay this information to him, but is brushed off by a determined Stan who wants to get Francine out of the hospital. Finding out that she is at the hospital talent show, he locates her and tries to create a distraction to slip her out. But he has to perform in place of a patient that he knocks out in his original escape plan. As he tries to drop instructions to Francine about his escape plan, she is unresponsive due to being heavily medicated. As the orderlies find out that it is Stan, he drops his disguise and runs with her in her wheelchair towards the exit. However, he gets tranquilized and they awake in a hospital operating room. The doctor arrives and tells them that they are due for lobotomies for being disruptive. As the doctor drills Stan's skull, he loses his cognitive ability.

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