• This is the last standard-definition episode of the show.
  • Stan previously told a family that agreed with keeping the religious aspects out of the public celebration of Christmas that he couldn't wait for the Rapture in "The Best Christmas Story Never".
  • When Roger is dressed as Moses, the six commandments on his tablets are "Surf," "Dooble," "Chow," "Party," "Helmet," and "Sleep".
  • Stan mentions actor John Goodman.
  • At the arena where the fake Jesus is to appear, the 1980s rock group of Hall & Oates was to appear, however, John Oates had apparently been Raptured, leaving Darryl Hall behind. In a notable twist, Darryl Hall had just previously appeared as an angel and John Oates as a devil in "A Brown Thanksgiving" episode of The Cleveland Show.
  • When Jesus rides his motorcycle into New Denver, he passes a hanging skeleton wearing a football uniform bearing #7 which was John Elway's number for the Denver Broncos.
  • When Roger is looking for his spaceship parts, he holds up a sweatshirt that says "Hard Rock Cafe Tucson". However, there isn't a Hard Rock Cafe in Tucson, AZ.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Klaus has no lines as he's seen only as mantlepiece.
  • When Stan and Jesus enter The Anti-Christ's hall, a parody of the movie The Omen's theme "Ave Satani" starts to play.
  • Michelle the Lawyer returns in this episode with a new job as an escort to people's personal Heaven.
  • In the bar when Jesus comes to recruit Stan, the song "Barael's Blade" by The Sword is playing in the background.
  • The Anti-Christ appears in "Season's Beatings", as Jeff and Hayley's son Nemo.
  • Setting aside the show's recorded sitcom setting, Hayley ascended to Heaven despite being an atheist like she has claimed to be in "Roger Codger" and "Dope & Faith". But it is also possible that like Greg's homosexuality, God didn't care. In addition, Klaus is seen alive in "Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth". The DVD commentary touches on the notion that everything from this point on is still part of Stan's personal Heaven.

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