• When Roger gets into the car to have a fight with Stan, he leaves the door open. When the fight starts, the door closes.
  • The mud on Roger and Stan's clothes disappears and reappears at random.
  • When Stan and Roger are driving home Roger is wearing Stan's 'Federal Boobie Inspector' shirt, but when Roger asks abut memories, the 'S' in 'Inspector' is missing.
  • While in the hot tub, Stan has one can of beer at his shoulder but another can appears out of nowhere as the scene shifts.
  • When Roger discovers Stan is selling his items, specifically his porcelain poodles, an empty salt shaker momentarily appears on the table next to the computer.
  • A glass of wine in Roger's hand appears and disappears between scenes.
  • Dr. Gupta opens her blouse to show Stan her breasts. When she starts to button it again, her blouse is tucked in.

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