Ronnie may or not have been a fifth friend of Steve, Barry, Toshi and Snot.

When Steve and his friends try to plan a slumber party in "A Piñata Named Desire", they get teased at school. Remembering the good times with a long-lost black friend, they plan on having one last blowout party to end all parties. Unable to agree on a pizza for the sleepover, it comes to light that Steve's friends believe they really are too old for such things. Steve attempts to amuse himself when the guys arrive for the sleepover saying they got an e-mail. Puzzled as to who sent it, it is revealed to be Ronny, who claims to be their long-lost black friend who moved away who received a mysterious e-mail of his own telling him of the gangs impending break-up. In the end, the boys say goodbye to another part of their youth and Steve admits he isn't really sure if Ronnie is who he said he was, or just a stranger who overheard their arguments.

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