Sarah, Patrick and Aunt Jesse are three of Francine's relations through her birth parents.

When Francine decides she wants to be part of a larger family in "Family Plan", she acquires the phone number from the Langley Adoption Agency and is invited by her wealthy father, Nicholas Dawson, to a family reunion. There, she comes under suspicion by Janet of being a gold digger trying to cash in, although she is reassure by Jesse that the entire family isn't like that. But when her own family leaves her behind for ignoring them, Nicholas blows his top at everyone using their own phone data plans instead of the home network and institutes a fight to the death among his heirs with the sole survivor getting the family fortune.

Francine avoids death, but is nearly caught by the trio. When she tries to reason with them, Sarah and Patrick start to come to their senses and are killed by Jesse, who harbors a grudge over receiving a Christmas gift after an agreement to not exchange gifts. Francine escapes briefly, but is corned by Jesse in a shed. Roger, posing as Nicholas' cat Marmalade, causes Jesse to have an allergic reaction, and ends up shooting herself when she tries to take out the 'cat' first.

Jesse is voiced by Allison Janney. Patrick is voiced by Jared Gertner.