The Shark's Nest is the arena home of The Langley Falls Bazooka Sharks.

In the construction of the arena in "Roots", several businesses and a tree that had been a stand-in father figure for Stan were destroyed.

Sky Crooner is one of the primary sources of entertainment in conjunction to the games, swinging and singing from his home in the scoreboard on bungee cords.

Among the features of the arena is the 'Breyers Ice-Crematorium' to dispose of players killed on the field in "Bazooka Steve". Here, Steve is horrified by the violence on the field and convinces the star quarterback, Juan 'Johnny Concussion' Consuelo to quit in the middle of the championship game, costing the team the victory. As a result, he is run out of town. He later realizes the entertainment value in football and convinces Johnny to return to the game.

Stan and Hayley find themselves stuck going to the game together in "The Long Bomb" where a memorial service is planned for Johnny at halftime after he is reportedly killed. However, thieves kill team owner Cyrus Mooney and take other members of the owner's box captive as they try to break into the safe and threaten to blow up the arena with bombs. Stan spies team mascot Dwight the Great White, unaware that he is one of the thieves in disguise and follows him to a utility room, demanding a dance. He quickly discovers a planted bomb and disposes of the thief, while Hayley is captured by more of the thieves. Stan finds that Hayley has been taken to the owner's box with the others but she manages to warn Stan about a bomb hidden in the rafters, stopping it and disposing of yet another thief. Hayley gets word to Stan of more locations which are shut down, but eventually gives himself up when Hayley gives herself away. They breech the safe where it turns out they were after the final game jersey worn by Johnny Concussion. Dismissing the idea of selling it, the leader puts in on and reveals himself to actually be Johnny Concussion, out to get revenge for almost getting kicked off the team due to brain damage. Hayley tosses a platter which results in Johnny taking out the last of his men and he flees, heading toward the roof with Stan in pursuit. Roger tries to get one of the rich owners to provide him with a 'baby' that they can support, but opens up the retractable dome while bending over the control panel as Johnny, Stan and Hayley rush through a roof hatch. Tossing footballs kept as trophies, Stan catches them and goes back to fire a deep one to Johnny, who tries to leap the gap in the roof and barely makes it. Enigmatically noting that the fans would be blown away, Johnny tries to fly away with a hang glider, but Stan's football toss knock him off as he falls to his death. Standing above, Stan and Hayley observe the beginning of a memorial celebration for Johnny and realize that his 'ashes' are a real bomb on the field. Despairing of reaching the field in time, Sky Crooner arrives and drops them down via his bungee cords. They find that the bomb is hooked to a decibel meter, set to go off as the crowd has a moment of silence, they desperately resort to random talking to keep the noise up, revealing personal feeling and details. They succeed, but are beaten up following the moment of silence for failing to show the proper respect. As the camera pans in oh Johnny's body, his eyes open and he remarks that he always gets up.

Juicy Lou plays a concert with Klaus as his front man at the Shark's Nest in "The Never-Ending Stories".