Simon is a cat that appears in "Choosy Wives Choose Smith" and "Son of Stan".

On the way to practice the cello to impress Lindsay Coolidge whom Steve finds is a "cello slut", he finds an adorable cat on the opposite side of the street. While crossing the road, the cat is hit by a car. When a horrified Steve runs to the animal's side, he is clawed severely about the face. When Steve brings Snot back to the accident scene, Snot says the cat was just frightened, and even manages to pet the cat without being attacked. When Steve attempts to make amends, however, the cat, whom Steve has named Simon, attacks him again. Steve abandons the cat in a huff. However, he has a dream in which he and Simon are playing complacently together but are then separated, which he takes as a sign. At the cello recital, just as Lindsay Coolidge is prepared to fall for Steve, Steve sees Simon drag himself into the concert hall and rushes to his side. Simon appears to die at Steve's feet which moves Steve until he realizes it's a trap and Simon attacks him again and again, shaking off Steve's attempts to destroy Simon once and for all. Just when Steve thinks he is safe, Simon shows up as Roger's new wig and attacks Steve yet again.

In "Son of Stan", a cat resembling Simon gets a gun and possibly shoots Steve-arino, although it isn't seen.

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