Stacy and her two children are companions of Roger's persona of Frank Trueblue in "A Nice Night For a Drive".

Roger's plan is to drop them off at the zoo while he goes to look at a belt sander that he found on Craigslist. Afterwards, he has a nice family dinner at Mama Mangia's planned. When Stacy tries to hold his hand and recall the last time they had a nice night planned, it sets off Roger's temper as being the time he flunked the police academy entrance exam and they are forced to listen to him rant. When he pushes the kids to reassure him that they think of him as being cop-like, Stacy prompts them to agree with him. Just as he calms down, their car is struck with a hard-boiled egg as part of a prank from Steve and his friends, forcing them to swerve until Roger stops the car.

As the boys, unaware that it is Roger in the car, breath a sigh of relief that he can't get to them on the overpass, he reverses the car up a ramp and confronts them, running down Barry in the process and sending the others fleeing for the duration of the night. When he finally corners them in an alley, Stacy is shocked to find they are only kids and slowly talks Roger out of his rage by mentioning a previous trip in which they were the recipients of a good deed by others.

Going on to their planned dinner, a couple of small incidents keep the family on edge, but Roger remains calm until he takes offense when the restaurant says they have run out of the red sauce Stacy ordered and appears to have blown his brains out, sending everyone in the restaurant running, except for Stacy and kids who depart with a smile. Roger later reveals to Steve that it was all an elaborate prank faked with a skullcap full of hamburger to show the boys how proper pranks are done.

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