• When Stan dreams about being saved from being stoned by the US government, George W. Bush is seen without a shirt.
  • Hayley is almost stoned to death for punching someone in the U.S. Embassy, where the local law enforcement would need to permission of the US Ambassador to arrest her.[1]
  • Hayley and Steve accompany Stan and Francine to Saudi Arabia. In actuality, this would not be allowed, nor would American teenage girls be seen in Saudi Arabia as were by the Shwarma King. Saudi law prohibits foreign teenagers from residing in Arabia, and they are only allowed to enroll in Saudi schools up to Grade 10. As a result, the oil companies bankroll boarding school tuitions for teenage children of American oil workers so they can study in the United Kingdom or the United States.
  • The song played when Angelina Jolie speaks with Steve is "Sailing" by Christopher Cross.
  • In the scene where the U.S troops were dropping beer, bibles, and pants; the song that was playing is called "Take it Off" by Andrew WK.

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